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game changer solutions in NFT history.
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Problems and Solutions
There is no legit way to sell music as NFT.
Everyone should do their own craft. Why can't Frank Ocean sell an audio file of his song as pure art?
Without involving other artist to create a 3D motion visualiser to be able to sell.
People buy artworks they don't like from artists with dubious reputations in the hopes of selling them for a profit of x100.
Lack of cultural and investment value.
Some people don't see the benefits of NFT's yet.
There are a lot of Bel Air mansions and Aston Martins to be bought with cryptocurrency, and NFT's will be the main link in this chain, creating a way for people to claim their ownership rights safely in the digital area. In 20 years NFT's will become a worldwide-recognized digital proof of ownership.
Baskia is here to conquer the market and spread the word about NFT by bringing back the value of art and educating more people about the art of the digital age.
An innovative eco-system of products for verification and sale of digital creative goods such as music, artworks and physical art objects.
What is Baskia?
Baskia Waveform is a section of our marketplace, where creators of audio content can sell their songs and albums along with other digital attributes auch as merchandise and exclusive artworks.
Our AI-powered Algorithm works hard to bring the highest-quality products of art to the Baskia Market.
Baskia Roadmap
Phase 1
Market analysis and problem identification. ✅

Concept development. ✅

Onboarding Team.

Development of a prototype.

Website launch.

Working out media presence.

Community building.
Phase 3
Release of a public beta version of the service, which can be used by any user

Product refinement during beta testing

Expanding the community and collecting feedback through interaction with the community.

Exchange listing arrangements

IEO on one of the A-list exchanges.

Complete project release

Attracting user-artists and buyers to participate in the project through a large-scale advertising campaign.

Development of the internal infrastructure of the project ecosystem.

Our products
We create the valuable experiences for you to collect moments, memories, and Art.
In a most significant way.
Imagine walking into an art gallery. Soft slow music is playing from the vinyl record player, it reverberates in the halls, where on the light pink walls the paintings of your beloved and most sighnificant artists are hanging next to the installations, sculptures and objects of art, standing right on the marble floor.
It is all powered by the advanced IT background and blockchain technologies, which protect your the artworks serve not only as creative objects, but as digital assets, which can always be viewed from your cold wallet.

And it is all yours, wherever you want, whenever you wish.
This is what Baskia is here for...

Baskia Token
BASQ Details
Coin Ticker: BASQ
Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Token standard: BEP-20

1% Community fee. Our token works in a way by which loyalty for the project is encouraged financially through receiving the part 1% community fee for token holding. The community fee is being processed from any transaction. By this Baskia means that 1% community fee is taken from every transaction.
Token Metrics
Total supply: 60.000.000
Private Round: June 10 – June 25, 2021
Community Sale: June 26 – July 20, 2021

Private Round:
1 BASQ = 0.07$
Min. Max. Cap: 100 USD – 10K USD

Community Sale:
1 BASQ = 0.10$
Min. Max. Cap: 100 USD – 10K USD

13% Community
10% Strategic Partnerships
7% Private Sale
2% Airdrop
10% Baskia Foundation
18% Team
40% IEO
Baskia token distribution
10% Emergency Fund
5% Legal & Accountancy
5% Exprenses
20% Listings on exchanges
20% Marketing
40% Product Development
Fund Distribution
Consist of 7 main distribution points, which are important for the project development, marketing and relationship with world & community.
Funds from private sale of Baskia token and direct investments will be distributed to the six channels.