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No need to search for "WhiteFerrariSlowed+Reverb" ever again - we got you.
Buy your favourite music to own it, as well as digital assets such as merchandise, artworks, and other bonus materials.
Since on the Baskia platform, in addition to objects of fine art, the sale of music is an equally important component, Baskia provides the buyer not only with the opportunity to own a certain composition, but also to listen to it using a special music player, which has such capabilities as:

- Home screen with an album image and a pleasant user interface, volume control and a remote control for switching between audio interfaces
- Built-in multi-channel equalizer with track panning
- Interface for managing presets and effects with their intensity and two main indicators of each type of effects
- Slowed + Reverb mode for lovers of a special atmosphere of listening to musi

What can I do with the music I bought?
You can apply effects and presets, as well as optimize your listening experience to high-end level with built-in multi-canal Equaliser. Just sit back, dim the lights, get a drink, relax, and listen to that lovely album like never before.
What materials can I buy besides music?
You can buy whatever digital assets are offered to you by the artist you are looking for. These materials may vary from exclusive albums and songs to artworks, books and publications regarding music releases, album backstories, digital merchandise and other tokenized objects.