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Tokenize whatever...
Baskia tokenization tool is used to scan the physical objects in order to create viewable 3D-renders.
On the Baskia platform, it is possible to place volumetric digital art objects, in other words, sculptures, 3D models and various volumetric objects.

- To load a model or sculpture, the artist will need to use the Baskia platform scanning tool, which will create a 3D render of the product, which can be loaded as a 3D model.

- The buyer will be able to purchase a digital sculpture and view it from all angles using the Baskia Sculpting tool.

How can I tokenize an art object?
You can use Baskia Tokenization Tool to tokenize your physical pieces of art. The Tool uses the camera of your smartphone to scan an object and create a 3D model which can later be viewed as a 3D render in Baskia Marketplace.
What can I do with the objects I've bought?
Your physical pieces of art can be showcased in reality using the AR technology. All you have to do is chose an object and place it where you want on your iphone screen.