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A gallery, a record store, and a reliable partner - all in one place, at the same time.
Baskia Marketplace is a core products which is used to buy, showcase, and sell artworks, physical art objects and music.
Baskia provides creators of creative products and their potential buyers with a convenient platform for the safe sale and purchase of nft products, the creators of which are verified as reliable market actors, whose work and reputation allows them to be published on the Baskia platform.

The marketplace assumes the presence of two sections of the types of products, which are a section of music, which contains songs, albums, and digital merchandise products-attributes of performers, as well as a section-gallery of nft-goods belonging to the category of fine arts.

The conditions for entering the marketplace are successful verification of the creator of the art object, and successful verification of his work according to the criteria established by the platform, which are the basis for the work of the Baskia AI Algorithm verifier.

Clickable prototype - a rough look on what it is like to use Baskia...
This is not the final product, but rather a funky demo version of a product prototype that allows you to test the choice and demo purchase of visual materials, as well as demonstrates other platform functions, such as: podcasts, articles, etc.

What differs you from all the other marketplaces? There's a list of em'. Like umm.. Rare.. Rarilbe, nftgateaway, non-origin... For example.
We have a more strict entering barrier for the artists and their works of art. The quality of the artwork and its investment potential is verified by the algorithm powered by artificial intelligence. Our main goal as a marketplace is to bring the best quality of the product and provide both the buyer and seller with the high standart user experience.
Besides that - which of the marketplaces allows you to listen to the music with ready-to-go equalizer presets? The answer is - none. Make your conclusions, Lamar.
What makes value of an artwork?
The overall value of a piece of art is a truly subjective unit. Baskia doesn't define whether the artwork is good or not. What Baskia does is the analysis of an artwork to provide the buyer with a product which is not plagiarized, overpriced, didn't take any creative force to make, doesn't contain the illegal trademark usage, or doesn't have any investment potential. Baskia sets boundaries to protect its market from the massive overflow of low-quality artworks. No one wants to buy a piece of art that took two minutes and one paint spill to make.