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Tokenizing the riots of creative spirits
sponsoring the creative rebels
Baskia Foundation is a powerful source of financial resources, experience, and ideas which fuel the engine of worldwide creativity.
The Baskia Fund, the main source of capital of which is a percentage of the commission for making transactions on the platform, ensures the liquidity of the assets and capital of the company, thanks to the constant turnover of crypto assets in the equivalent of Baskia tokens on the platform, to maintain a stable cryptocurrency exchange rate, and is a source of financial opportunities for the development of more creative parties to the project that are not associated with direct profit, and which are associated with:

- Creation of exclusive exhibitions of artists
- Conducting creative events
- Conducting award ceremonies
- A podcast and media activity that aims to cover platform news, the world of cryptocurrencies, and the arts.
- Other marketing activities and marketing activities that increase brand awareness not to improve financial performance

What chanels the funds will be distributed to?
Baskia Foundation will choose the most active artists on the basis of the community and internal project's rating and grant them with resources to empower their creative activity. Also the funds will be used to hold the events, art showcases, music concerts, award ceremonies, and non-profit media activities for the community.
What is the source of money for Baskia Foundation?
Baskia charges a 1% fee per any transaction which funds the Baskia Community. It is called a "Community Fee" which embodies the project's aim to contribute to the culture and art.