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We verify the value,
and we do it for the Culture.
Baskia Algorithm returns the image to its core components and analyzes them in order to verify the valuable points of an image.
Baskia Algorithm is a technology that allows the platform to select creative products according to certain criteria. The selection process is automated and operates on the principle of a neural network, which is constantly in the learning process and applies the laws of combinatorics and variability of various types of images. The algorithm is used by the platform for partial verification of the artist, as well as checking the uploaded image according to certain criteria, of which:

- No plagiarism (determined by searching for similar images and art objects on the Internet) - Absence of other people's trademarks, images, and elements, the use of which implies special rights (carried out by decomposing the composition into components and identifying a possible source for image elements, such as font, stock photos, trademarks, logos, names)
- Application of certain efforts, artistic techniques and approach to create a piece of art (carried out by identifying the use of photography processing tools, software for creating graphic elements, etc.)

Also, the algorithm identifies and verifies information about the artist, his financial activities, and mentions in the media in open sources and systematizes the data obtained for further analysis by the Baskia team.
In addition, the algorithm makes an approximate estimate of the cost of the product of creative activity based on the previous experience of thecreator's bidding, and calculates the approximate average price of the product that the artist can offer.

What should I do if my artwork has images which I don't own?
Baskia Algorithm works in a way that the artworks are split in the components in order to verify the image with non-plagiarism tool. If you use a stock image in your artwork - be ready to provide the proof of ownership.
But what is the purpose of the algorithm if art is about being free and without borders?
Art is free indeed. But there are certain rules which are applied only to Baskia marketplace in order to provide the best product to the customer and to work with reliable and trusted artists. Baskia Algorithm doesn't neutralize the creative value of an art object - it just checks if a piece of art is non-plagiarized, an artist has the rights for using the images and other components of an artwork, the price is adequate and not over exaggerated, and finally - artist put some effort into the creation of an artwork.